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In 2008 I watched as the Global Financial Crisis unfolded. As a young Helicopter Pilot in the Royal Navy, it struck me that I understood nothing about what was happening. The events of 2008/9 sparked a desire not only to understand money, investing and the mysterious world of finance, but also to share the journey through writing.

Since then, I’ve actively traded a number of different financial markets and have tenaciously pursued an understanding of how finance, economics and market participants function. I’ve written about what I’ve learned in a variety of forms, and have become passionate about how the everyday investor can increase their awareness of the world of finance, in order to build a better financial future.

Now I provide writings services for websites and businesses that require informative, engaging and well researched finance articles for their websites.

I provide work that comes from a very personal place. I don’t have an academic background in finance, everything I know I’ve come to learn through hard work and experience. My writing is written with the individual in mind.

I specialise in personal finance - because finance, is personal.

Aside from writing, I spend my days flying rescue helicopters and explaining the world of finance to my three year old daughter.


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