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The Trading Blog - A Place To Air Demons and Dreams

So I thought about starting this blog many times and many times I decided that I wouldn’t bother. As I’m not making money and since I often feel the most unlikely of people to realize the dream of successful trading I figured it would have no value.

Then I decided that was a crap argument. If anything this is a great format for putting down the many thoughts I have on trading. I’ve been on this rocky road towards figuring out trading for a few years now. I know there are a lot of people out there doing the same, so if some of my experiences can help a bit then great.

I’ll throw down some of the lessons, experiences and thoughts that I’ve collected along my way to where I am now, which is currently cleaning up after my 9-month-old, so things have been pretty stagnant on the trading front recently. That though, is the point. So many people end up pursuing trading for so many different reasons, from so many walks of life. A lot of the time I can’t help but think we are sold a lot of false truths as to what is possible from outside the fortresses of professional finance.

I’ve been through most stages of committing to this thing from initial interest to binge reading, paying for courses, feeling like a failure, diving back in and now accepting that I’m not going to give up, but it does have to fit in around a healthy lifestyle. That in itself has helped find suitable trading methods, markets and products and I’ll be happy to share it all here.

I have a long way to go to realize my trading dreams, I hope I get there and I hope you get there too, most of all I hope you enjoy stopping by from time to time and to hopefully helping you along the way.